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OGH fosters a culture of team unity,
pride and success while also
creating the opportunity for young
women to develop confidence,
leadership and character.

2017-2018 TEAM GOALS

Make it to state
Conference Champs
Team GPA above 3.5
Everyone scores a goal

2017-2018 Varsity & Junior Varsity

2017-2018 Varsity & Junior Varsity

2016-2017 Varsity & Junior Varsity

2015-2016 Varsity & Junior Varsity

Orono High School Philosophy

The educational philosophy of Orono High School provides the foundation for the program, the organizational structure, and the existence of all extra-curricular activities for students. The
athletic department offers a variety of activities that may help students realize their maximum potential for physical, social and emotional growth. It is the goal of this department to promote
success and growth while always respecting others.

  • We believe that interscholastic athletic competition should be an integral part of the total school program and serve as a reflection of the needs of students and the school community.
  • We believe participants can be taught to win in a gracious manner and accept defeat in the same fashion.
  • We believe participants can find purpose in their school work and carry that purpose forward in their lives as a result of a sound athletic and activity programs in the schools.
  • We believe athletic competition provides real value for the student body and school community.
  • We believe a sound athletic department based on a sound philosophy can improve school and community morale and become a positive outlet for energy and enthusiasm.
  • We believe the welfare of the individual is always the primary concern. The competition exists for the student-athlete. The student-athlete does not exist for the game.
  • We believe the community should realize that control of, and responsibility for high school athletics rests entirely with the administration of Orono High School and the Orono School District.


2008-2009 Varsity & Junior Varsity

The proposal and justification for a Orono Girls High School program was initiated by Kevin Dulin and Keith Radloff. At that time, they both had daughters in that age group that had played on the initial youth girls teams.  The first high school team was a combined team with Mound Westonka in 1996-1997.  Pat Furlong from Mound Westonka and Keith Radloff from Orono were the first coaches.
The combined team went under the heading Orono Mound-Westonka (OMW). The team practiced and played games at the Harold J. Pond Sports Center in Mound until construction on the Orono Ice Arena was completed.  The team had some practices at both arenas and the home games were played at both arenas, alternating sites.  
During the 1996-1997 season, there was only one class and OMW was placed in a section with Blaine, North Wright County and a few other teams. OMW  team was Metro Alliance conference champions during the first two years out of three we were in existence, but never advanced past sections.  
The co-op with Mound-Westonka split in the 2000-2001 season and Coach Radloff was recruited to the Girls High School program for the Blake School. In 2011 Orono Girls High School Hockey welcomed Coach Radloff back into their hockey community.  During the years following the split of Orono Mound-Westonka  Girls Hockey, there were several different high school coaches at Orono before Coach Radloff returned to the program, including, Craig Sarner, Ashley Albrecht, and Kevin Armstrong.
Today Orono Girls Hockey has a strong and experienced team of coaches led by Steve Persian and Keith Radloff, that are dedicated to helping the team learn the hockey skills necessary to be successful on the ice, gain confidence in their playing, and build a team community based on trust and respect.

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